Monday, Aug 31,2015, Posted at 11:42 (GMT+7)
The development of dengue fever is very complicated in the South East region of Vietnam with four deaths.
Monday, Aug 31,2015, Posted at 11:36 (GMT+7)
Test results of 19 medical workers being in risk of exposing HIV for saving patient are negative for HIV virus.
Sunday, Aug 30,2015, Posted at 14:50 (GMT+7)
The World Health Organization estimates that deaths from non-communicable diseases reach nearly 380,000 cases per year in Vietnam, claiming  73 percent of all deaths and reducing Vietnamese people's average longevity, reported Vietnamese non-communicable prevention league at a meeting last Friday.
Thursday, Aug 27,2015, Posted at 11:19 (GMT+7)
The country has recorded around 20,000 dengue fever cases in the first 8 months, said the Department of Preventive Medicine under the Ministry of Health on August 26.
Wednesday, Aug 26,2015, Posted at 14:04 (GMT+7)
According to the Southwestern region Steering Committee,  the Mekong delta region has been short of personnel for years in the health sector  and there have been many shortcomings need to be stamped out.
Wednesday, Aug 26,2015, Posted at 13:46 (GMT+7)
The central Quang Ngai Province has become the first locality to receive more than VND120 billion (US$ 5.28 million), funded by the World Bank, to build a facility for medical waste treatment.
Tuesday, Aug 25,2015, Posted at 13:01 (GMT+7)
Though the weather in the North Vietnam is scotching, hospitals in Hanoi have received many children suffering whooping-cough and pneumonia.